Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some things just happen for a reason

So with all of the drama (and I do mean drama, like Hills style) surrounding the teaching job(s) and my current job and the dilemma of whether to go or stay (which in the end was decided for me) I started to wonder if there was something bigger that was working for me/against me/whatever to keep me here. Today I am pretty much convinced that the universe was conspiring for me. Two weeks ago, I received word from Inc. Magazine that my company was awarded a spot on the Inc. 5,000 list (a list of the 5,000 fastest growing, privately held companies in the US). I was the person who submitted our company for this accolade and I also handled all of the media relations aspects of our submission. Last Friday, while I was on vacation, I received notice that a $7 million dollar proposal that I was the proposal manager for was awarded to my company. Today I found out we were awarded another $400K proposal that I helped write back in April. This is now the 5th proposal that I helped create that we’ve been awarded (I am 5 for 5 so far!) I just finished creating a marketing campaign for our first release of a new commercial software product – the campaign launches in September. All I need to do is position us to sell 100 software licenses to make this product the most successful commercial endeavor this company has ever experienced (seems easy enough). And I did so well with the first marketing campaign that I was just assigned a new commercial campaign for another product we are launching in late August. Lastly, I finally convinced my boss to let me create a media kit and sell sheets for our open-source products and about the company so we can start directly marketing ourselves to an outside community of researchers. I am really excited about this – I get to work on it all this Fall after I finish launching the last parts of our new website (I’ve been doing that for 6 months now…) So while I am not in love with my job EVERYday things are getting SO much better. And I bonus in December based on my contributions to the company; so far the proposals that I’ve contributed to have brought in nearly $3 million (directly to the company). Thank goodness I was wary about the positions at my "dream school" I don't know why I was wary but I was and because of my trepidation my future coworkers' true colors came out in ways I couldn't even imagine. I feel so blessed to actually work in a place where I am truly wanted and I am so grateful to have (for once) made the right decision. Or maybe the decision was made for me? Either way, I'm happy.

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