Wednesday, January 16, 2008

interview #1

I interviewed with the March of Dimes today. Really cool position. They basically asked me at the end of the interview if I want the job. I could start tomorrow. But the salary is abysmal at best. I mean it is 20K below the lowest salary I would consider taking. However, strangely I would *maybe* take the job, if the software company job didn't come through, only because of all of the contacts in the community I would create. I could feasibly spend 18 months or less with the MoD and name the job I wanted afterward because I would have so many networking resources at my fingertips. However, I don't think I could stomach the pay cut for that long.

Anyway, software company interview is next week. I plan on working on my powerpoint all weekend while Joe is out of town. Today I am going to the gym to run 5 miles and take a body pump class. Then I am going out to dinner with my girlfriend to try out a restaurant she's considering for her rehearsal dinner. Tomorrow spin class in the morning followed by lunch with a woman I worked with at the high school. Joe leaves tomorrow night :(

In other news, I began this new "diet" okay well it's not really a diet. I can eat whatever I want, technically speaking. But I've always been a crazy calorie counter. However in recent months that hasn't been taking the weight off. So I tried this thing called a zigzag. Basically it's what bodybuilders do. You plug your numbers into an online calculator and it gives you a bottomline number that you need to eat for weight maintenance, weight loss and extreme weight loss. Then that number is multiplied by 7 and divided into varied caloric amounts. You stagger your calories so that you are taking in the most calories on the days that you are doing high intensity bouts at the gym and the lowest amount of calories when you aren't working out. I have myself set for 3 days at the gym which I think is good. Anyway, this is my first week with the zigzag, and I chose the weight loss numbers because frankly the extreme weight loss numbers were a little too extreme for my taste, and the caloric amount was about what I was eating daily anyway. I am on day 4 and I am already down 2.5 pounds. Go figure. Same amount of calories overall, same amount of exercise. But I broke my plateau. Now I just have to see if the numbers keep going down or if this is a fluke thing.

I am also trying to start eating clean. I think this will be a lot harder once I start working again, but whatever. I checked out a book called The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno at the library and I am going to take a stab at it. It basically calls out anything processed or in a box and makes you cook from scratch. I do this for dinner anyway, but breakfasts for me are always oatmeal packets or cereal and lunches are always canned soup. We shall see how this new stuff works.

I feel better now that the numbers are dropping again though. I am a slave to the scale, I don't think that will ever change...

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