Thursday, January 17, 2008

deep thoughts

So after sleeping on it I know there is no way I can take the March of Dimes job. I guess I'll have to call them today and get that taken care of. I got another interview next week with an ad agency. Phone interview. So basically Monday will be a 5 hour interview at the software company followed by a phone interview with the ad agency. I think it sounds exhausting. So far I think the software company seems like the best fit. High salary, cool work, 5 miles from my house (literally) small company (less than 40 people), mostly men (= no weird women bitchiness, like at the high school). I am excited and nervous to meet the people that work there next week. I am even more excited about the prospect of returning to work here soon. The offer date for the job is the last week in January with a projected start of early February. Awesome. Especially because that will be the first month I am officially not getting paid. AND my salary at this place would jump up a minimum of 25% over my teaching job so it would make up for the one paycheck that I "missed". Still no word from the unemployment gods. I should know by the end of this week. It would be awesome if I got approved because at this point they will owe me 4 weeks of backpaid unemployment which would make my millenium. Okay well maybe just my day. But whatever. In other news, I strained the ligaments in my left knee. I ran on the treadmill last night -- 3 miles in 25 minutes I might add -- and when my knee started hurting I ran faster and harder (smart, huh?). I made an appointment with the doctor because by 11 p.m. I couldn't walk up the stairs in our house. This morning was worse. I just got back from the appointment and I am officially banned from the gym for a minimum of 1 week, possibly 2. Fucking knee. How am I going to keep myself sane if I am home, broke, unemployed and banned from the gym. Whatever. That's what I get for speeding up when I felt pain. I guess the term no pain, no gain is moot when it comes to knee pain.

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