Monday, January 7, 2008

I just finished making our wedding album using MyPublisher. Holy cow it was expensive. I didn't realize when I was making it that they charge you extra for every page over 20. I hit 85 pages so the book was $92. Thank God I had a coupon for a free book when you buy one b/c my mother-in-law asked for an album for Xmas. If I would have known it was that expensive I would have just saved my time and had my photographer make the album for me. I had ordered one previously through Blurb and it was only $35. And IMO the quality was better. Oh well. I got three phone calls today about three more job interviews. Two are phone interviews, and one is a face to face interview. The face to face interview was for a copy editor position at a local paper. But I found out post-application that it is for the night news copy desk. Now I am not in a position to be turning down jobs, but I am simply not interested in a night shift anywhere. Joe says I should take the interview anyway just to establish contacts in the industry. I definitely don't want to burn a bridge, but I think I should be forthcoming with the idea that this isn't what I thought it was and that I am no longer interested in the position. Thoughts? Anyone? Bueller? The other two jobs are promising. One is a first round interview for a pharma sales position. The other is a first round interview for a technical writing job at a medical imaging and software company. We'll see. I have to get back into the gym this week. I am up a grand total of 10 pounds since the wedding. Now I can attribute 5 or 6 of those pounds to a steroid that I've been on since October -- I get to come off of it soon I believe so thank goodness for that, but the other 4 or 5 are all me. Evidenced by my eating of 5 slices of sicilian style pizza saturday night. I've made appointments for myself in my planner to hit the gym twice a day this week until at least those 4 come off. Then again next week and the week after till I am back down to the prewedding size -1. I was thinking about photoshopping a pic of my face on my mom's body as a reminder not to eat. I know that sounds cruel, but it's not as an insult to my mom. She will tell you though that one day she just got sick of caring so she stopped working out and ate whatever she wanted. Eighty plus pounds later and there she is. I can't get there. I don't even want to let the scale budge as far as it already has. I was supposed to take my tree down this weekend. I didn't. I have no motivation to actually take it down. But I am sick of looking at it. So for now I've just decided not to walk into the room it's in. So far that method is working for me. That's about it. I am off for my first gym session as soon as my ipod finishes updating. Going for a 5 mile run now and then going to take a spin class tonight with Joe at 6. He needs to go to the gym too. Love isn't blind. And he's starting to look like the Michelin Man when he takes his shirt off. Yes. I am a mean and horrible wife for saying that. But I told him that to his face, so I feel like it's okay to repeat it here. Did anyone make a resolution this year? I had resolved to be nicer and swear less. So far I am not nicer. But I am at least cognizant of it. Maybe resolutions just aren't my thing.

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