Saturday, January 5, 2008

another interview

So I got an email yesterday from a company I applied to two weeks ago. They want to do a phone interview sometime next week to fill me in the job and prescreen me. It's a tech writing position. I don't know much else other than that. The company -- door to door -- is less than 5 miles from my house. Which would be sweet, how's that for a commute? It's a small company though, maybe 20 people, so I am nervous as to how much this position would pay. They are trying to make a hiring decision by the end of January, so at least I would know relatively quickly whether I was in or out (said in my best Heidi Klum interpretation).

In other news I applied for an agency job that I am in love with on Friday. Here's to hoping they call me next week!

Lastly, I have a teaching interview on Wednesday. I want to cancel it, but Joe said that that's bad karma and bad business. I agreed. So I am going to it anyway. Who knows, I guess it's just better not to burn bridges.

Other than that my poor puppy has a UTI and I spent half the day playing with her in the woods and the other half in the vets office. We were playing tug this morning and she slammed into the coffee table. When she started to bleed this afternoon I thought it was internal bleeding, panicked and rushed her in. Purely coincidental. Anyway, $77 and a bottle of amoxicillin later we are eating pizza and watching that new show on A&E Paranormal State, and all is well in our household.

BTW, anyone else watch that show? It's kind of freaky, but not quite freaky enough for me to believe in that crap. I was kind of expecting it to be more Fire in the Sky like. That movie made me sleep with the lights on for about oh, seven years.

Anyway, I hear Joe and the garage door, which means it's pizza time. Don't be jealous.

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