Thursday, January 24, 2008

got it!

So I got the job!!! YAY. I start February 4. The company is called Kitware, you can google it and see more -- although please ignore the website as I will be completely redoing it in my first two weeks there. They are a small (about 40 people in two offices) company that develops open source software for medical image analysis, 3D graphics, and visualization. Some of their clients include the US Military, Wyeth, Novartis, Merck, Harvard Medical, et. al. They have two forms of computer technology and algorithms they develop - scientific and medical. The stuff they produce is really cool. For example, Harvard Medical is using some of their software to test and map how information enters the brain starting with the eye. Using Kitware's technology they are able to follow the pathways of information from one's pupil into their brain and then into different pathways in the brain. It's easily evident how this is valuable in that we are able to map (graphically) how the brain processes and stores information, additionally for those that are developmentally disabled or on the autism spectrum we can see how the brains processes are interrupted and where they are coming up short. Really cool stuff, in my opinion. With the military they are able to create algorithms that will test the movement of ships for the US Navy to detect whether a US ship has been compromised by terrorists simply by the way it pulls into a port. I don't know I just think it's cool. My job title is Technical Writer however I will actually be the company's communications and marketing director. For starters I am tackling the webpage, but I will also be responsible for writing and updating the product textbooks for the company's software as well as software user manuals, writing the company newsletter, and writing grant proposals which is how the company is funded (they give away their software for free, provide consultation for that software, and then write proposals so that people will pay for them to develop new software...hey it works...) Eventually my goal and the goal of the President/Owner of Kitware is for me to develop into their global marketing person and hire a writer to take over the tech writing piece. So here are some of the perks... * six weeks paid time off * flex hours - no start time or end time - I just have to work 40 hours each week * no dress code * automatic 3% gross pay contribution to 401K even if I contribute nothing * 10% of gross pay, end of year profit sharing bonus * full medical, dental, etc. * the company is 5 miles or 7 minutes from my house. I take one back road and I am there :) YAY. Joe and I decided to go to Maine instead of Chicago, solely because I couldn't get tickets to see Oprah and I am not going to Chicago unless I can see Oprah endofstory. We are going to Kennebunkport and staying at a cute little B&B called the Captain Fairfield Inn. I am creating a four day itinerary that would make Clark Griswald proud. Seeing as we only have 4 days to be on vacation, I am going to fill them with wonderment. So far our fun filled itinerary includes a romantic restaurant, deep tissue massages, sleigh ride with cocoa and blankets, X-C skiing, a trip to a brewpub to sample their 7 homemade ales (yum!), and a day of antiquing, not to mention a cozy room with a fireplace and wine (wink, wink). I am too excited! We leave next Wednesday and get home on Sunday, just in time for WORK! the next morning. I have been online all morning looking for workout shirts for running/spinning/general gym. Something simple - a racerback tank with a shelf bra and moisture wicking ability that doesn't cost $40 (I am sorry I work out six days a week but I REFUSE to spend $40 on a workout top. It's ridiculous). Why is it that all women's gym gear is slutty? I am not a gym skank, I am not looking for a meat head to bench press me in his bed, I just want to work out and be able to run without poking my eye out with one of my nipples. And I don't want to be soaking wet and cold in the winter. Freaking annoying. And when I do find something I like for the right price, the tops are cropped or maybe just short and my belly button sticks out. Now I am thin and I like my belly button, but I don't need it hanging out of my shirt. WTF? I am going to go to Marshall's today but I think it will be useless. I went to Dick's earlier in the week but whenever I find something I like there isn't an XS left. (I know, woe is I right?) Which leads me to my knee. So it still hurts, and I have been out of the gym a full week today. So I am going back to the gym. Sorry, but I am. I did some research and it seems my iliotibial band is what is creating the problem. I found a plastic cylinder - sort of looks like a rolling pin - and you literally knead your muscles. This is supposed to help. Additionally, a friend, who's also a runner/athlete, who had IT band issues suggested deep tissue massage, seeing a chiropractor that is certified in active release technique (ART) will also help, that and self given ice massage (with a frozen cup of water). Anyway, I am done with the couch potatoness, back to the gym for me. Starting tomorrow. I already missed all of the good classes today...and I am a little nervous to jump on a treadmill just yet. I think that's it. Wow, I had a lot to say today. And I am too tired to bother to lj-cut. Sorries!

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