Friday, January 25, 2008

if you could get

Any car what would it be? My civic just turned 115,000 miles. I am driving it until the wheels fall off, I don't care. Especially because I just paid $120 for two new tires. But, I am starting to think about what the next car might be. Regardless I will probably wait until the end of the summer to get a new car anyway, just so we can pay off the oh $23,000 of credit card debt we've accrued between the remnants of the wedding and what existed pre-wedding. Now that I have NO commute, I can probably make it through the whole year...and I might. We'll see. The problem is that I have to think long term with this next car. I generally drive a car for 5-7 years (is that typical?) so definitely in the next 5 years (more likely 3) we will have kids and I will need to put in car seat(s) and have something safe. Also we have a fur thrower (aka our yellow lab, Gracie) so I need leather seats so I can easily wipe out/vaccuum out the hair which, by the way, is all over my car and I think a permanent part of the upholstery now. Some that I am considering are... Subaru Forrester (Joe wants to cry over that one) Honda Accord Acura TL BTW, I can't/won't/refuse to drive an SUV or a midsized SUV. Sorry but I grew up driving cars and I feel more comfortable with handling a car over a truck. So suggestions...?

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