Friday, December 28, 2007

and then there was hope

I've applied to approximately 30 jobs since December 12. I already have two interviews for next week and the week after. One is a teaching job. Which I would take as a last resort, but by no means want. The other is a job I wasn't sure I was "qualified" for as it asked for specific fundraising experience (the position is titled Director of Corporate Giving) and most of my job experience was giving money and planning conferences, rather than raising money and planning fundraisers. I was really excited about the job when I applied for it but thought, maybe, it was a stretch. Here's to hoping. If I landed this job my salary would make a 25% jump from my last salary in teaching. Love that. And love the idea of weekends being my own. Working a 9-5 with no take home. Not having to call parents from home at night. No grading 5 page research papers (sounds fine until you have 60 students writing them at the same do the math...) Even if I don't get this job, which I am going to try my best to keep from happening, I am so glad to finally be getting calls.

Off to bed. My car is broken and is going to the shop in the a.m. 8 a.m. to be exact. And the repair shop is a half hour away. Awesome.

Wish me luck next week!

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