Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why is it that job hunting ends up being a spiritual journey? Maybe it's because you spend so much time analyzing what it is you want out of life. I don't know.

So I sat examining the list of companies I applied to yesterday, after the crappiest job interview for the crappiest job ever (I didn't interview badly, the position was advertised as something entirely different than what it actually turned out to be) and thought maybe this list is my problem? Maybe throwing all of the china at the wall and picking up the pieces isn't the way to go. So I've decided that I am not settling for a J-O-B just to have one. I may have to take another LTS teaching position to float financially, but I am not going to settle for just any job. I really want to get back into project development and marketing. I want to work at an agency where I can get copywriting experience and build off of that. I am tired of having a JOB I want a CAREER and I think the reason why I've always only had jobs is because I was too afraid to say no. Too afraid that another offer wouldn't come. That I wasn't good enough, qualified enough, smart enough, etc. etc. But I am going to stop all of that now.

This is really, really hard for me. Really hard. I get down on myself so easily and I am quick to feel like a failure. But I am going to really try this time to keep my head up high, wait this out, and remain as positive as possible.

There are a few jobs out there that fit what I am looking for and the best that I can do is apply and hope that my cover letter gets me in the door.

I joined the Albany AdClub which is going to be helpful in terms of networking. I wanted to join the local AMA chapter too, but membership is $215 which is steep for the unemployed.

I wonder if I am entitled to unemployment? That would make things a lot easier now.

Okay off to take down my Xmas tree. I wanted to do it last weekend but Joe's parents surprised us with a visit. SURPRISE! fun times.

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