Thursday, July 14, 2005

I am sitting here waiting for this million page document to print out so I can find out what I need to do to complete my teaching certification, so I figured I might as well update this thing. I am trying to stay as far away from the computer as I can because come school time this desk chair is pretty much my home. Another reason why I am staying away from it is that there are certain people whom I don't talk to on the phone because they depress me, make me feel bad about myself or generally lead me to thoughts of suicide. And the instant I sign onto my computer they instant message me. For example, yesterday I am minding my own business checking my email when my "friend" Shari IM's me. (Chris can vouch for this story.) So here I am just checking email and she writes and says hi and asks about the wedding plans. Me being the excited bride delves into the terrible world of wedding planning (yes TERRIBLE, I HATE THIS SHIT) and I proceed to send her some pictures via IM of what I am thinking of doing to be able to a.) have a wedding next year and b.) afford it. And she replys with that's where your having the wedding? to which I felt like responding well then you pay for it you stupid bitch. So I am officially not getting married now. Between Joe being all manic depressive every time I mention plans and people rudely telling me what they think and the cost of it all and my mother being bridezilla (you would think I was asking permission to commit suicide when I suggested doing a destination wedding with just her, Joe and his parents). ANYWAY. I have all these ideas and no money and no patience so fuck it. Not going to do anymore planning. NOT DOING IT. In other news, I picked up a second job at American Eagle which is sort of a joke cause it pays like $6.25 an hour (but I get a great discount on clothes that I probably won't wear). But it's the only job I could think of that I wouldn't mind quitting. I always feel guilty quitting anything. So I am taking this job with the idea that I need money but I don't owe a mall job anything. There are, I am sure, a thousand high school kids just waiting to take my place. For the record I did apply to other places but I took the first job I got cause beggars (which is what I am striving not to become) can't be choosers, and it's a summer job. We close on our house in three and a half weeks. I am excited and anxious, but mostly excited. There is so much to do and our closing date is literally a week and a half before I start teaching. So I think it will be a little stressful trying to get in an clean, paint, pack, unpack, decorate and settle in all in a week. I was pushing for an early close and the sellers are pushing for a later close so I think that basically we will be stuck with the contract date. I have made a promise to myself though to stop buying things for the house until we move in because there is already so much to move that it's ridiculous to buy more stuff just to move it when I can wait three weeks and just take it home. Then after 3 weeks in the house we get our puppy. Joe ruined his birthday present. His coworkers dog (a purebred lab trained in hunting, female) was raped by the neighbors dog (literally the dog jumped the fence and humped the new momma to be) which is also a purebred lab and now they're having puppies. So Joe asked his coworker if we can have one and they said yes. And then he came home and told me and I was like are you sure we are getting this dog? and he said yes. So I called the breeder that I got his birthday puppy from and got my deposit back. I am excited, but leave it to him to buy a freaking dog when he was getting the SAME EXACT dog for his birthday two weeks later. Still have no names for it. I hate to see what it will be like when we name our children if this is the difficulty we have naming a dog. We had a turtle (baby one that I bought in China Town) that died before we ever named him. Four months it lived being called baby turtle. Anyway it didn't die of mistreatment all you PETA people. It had a bacteria from those nasty little china shops. And we buried him after I cried for 4 hours OVER A TURTLE. Oi. Anyway, this print job is done. have a good day all

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