Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I am sitting here trying to build up the desire to go to the gym. So far it's not working. This weekend was the best weekend ever. Joe was out of town and I got to party the way I used to four and a half years ago. I realized during my 72 hour soiree that if Joe and I weren't together I would probably be dead. I forgot how wild I could be. Anyway, spent most of the weekend either at the beach, working at the bar or at after hours till the wee hours of the morning. Birds and sunlight when you haven't slept yet are the uncoolest thing in the world. After I convince myself to go to the gym tonight I am going to Joe's lacrosse game in Utica. His teammate wants to drive with us and is taking his girlfriend who I loathe. They are both nuts and live together and lie to one another about everything. So he lied to her about where he was this weekend (which was at a lacrosse tourney with joe in CT) and I know she is going to grill me all night about where they were. So I recently decided I am going to tell her that he was at the tourney with Joe where they proceeded to go out to a ton of bars and Joe played wingman for her bf, Ryan, so that he could pick up as many chicks as possible. Then maybe she'll stop talking to me. I really hope it works. Our puppy was born last week and we are going to opening weekend at the track on Sunday so I will get to see her then. I am so excited. Her name is Gracie. I won't be able to hold her because she is too small so I think we might take a trip down there later this month again to visit her and play with her. SO fun. Also our house is ready to close. We are just waiting for the freakin sellers to get the hell out of there now. I am so excited. But they are sort of slobs so it's going to take me forever to clean the place. Which I am not so excited about. We still haven't started packing but essentially we have three weeks to do all of that so... In other news I have been so stressed out with the new job, school, the house, the wedding that we decided to postpone the wedding until 2007, and I couldn't be happier. October 20, 2007. So relieved. I hate being that stressed out and now I am happy again!!! Okay I have to go to the gym. I drank waaaay too much this weekend not to go...

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