Thursday, June 16, 2005

B-A-N-A-N-A-S IT'S BANANAS! anyone else think Gwen sucks??

Well, I am two official weeks away from summer. SUMMER. S-U-M-M-E-R. God I love it. I can't take another minute in a classroom. Glad I am going to be a teacher! HA! So much has been going on lately though that I can't even focus on school.

 The wedding plans have officially begun and it looks like our date is going to be (drumroll please...) October 7, 2006. I can't freaking wait. I may just elope from sheer impatience. But I went and tried on dresses a few days ago, and I know now in my heart of hearts that I am going to have the full on white wedding. And that's okay :)

 In other news, I bought a house. Yup a whole HOUSE. We close in August. I am so excited. The house is so unbelievably cute. I love it. This is a pic of the front although, the color is a bit off in the picture - the house is actually a light beige, but in this photo it looks grey?!?


and this is our backyard :)

I was supposed to take more pictures today but our realtor was late getting to the house so I only had time to take down some measurements before we had to go meet with our mortgage officer to sign off the last of our paperwork. Buying a house is NUTS. It's the strangest process ever and realtors are some odd folk. Sorry if you are a realtor, but they are nutty people. Anyway. We got our house and we have our wedding in the works and if we weren't enough to strangle before...I am buying Joe a puppy this fall for his birthday. Kill us, it's okay. I would. But seriously, this is the first time I can honestly say I have had a place to call home in a solid ten years (you gotta love divorce) and when I finally saw that we had a house and it was ours, I cried forever (happy tears of course). a real home. that's mine. Unbelievable. I am the happiest I have ever, ever been and this just seems like the beginning.

Now if only I could finish school and stop bartending life would be splendiforous. I am seriously older than the other bartenders by a solid 5 years and the age difference is starting to show (i.e. I don't get hammered behind the bar and do coke in the bathroom...anymore...) No but seriously I am starting to look like a lifer here and it's getting ugly. Hopefully my boobs can stay perky for another year until I start teaching because my attitude behind the bar is completely UN-perky and I think that my boobs are the only thing still working for me back there. Put it this way - you wouldn't be smiling if you worked with a bunch of crackheads whose money you were responsible for at the end of the night either. Whatevs.

 Okay back to my happiness and good cheer, because the bar makes me grumbly. I am off to go lay on my couch and read some more Fitzgerald (which I totally am not enjoying....) I may try to watch MTV reruns instead and just pretend to be reading when Joe comes home, ha ha. I am supposed to get this work done before sunday so we can hang out with his parents, but I think I'd rather bartend than do that, heck root canal surgery sounds more entertaining (shhhh....) So off I go, happy weekend all!

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