Thursday, September 2, 2004


For anyone who has stumbled upon this journal by accident and for all of my friends that take the time to read what I have to say, this is a call to arms!!! I am compiling a list (ongoing) of books to expand my knowledge of titles, thereby making me, eventually, a better teacher because I will be able to give kids more options. So with that in mind, what books have you read/did you read as a child on up through high school that you loved? The books don't have to have been assigned readings either, please list books that you read on your own as well -- e.g. the Sweet Valley High series, The Bopsy Twins -- anything that got you reading. Also if you have school aged kids, what are they reading right now? What kinds of books are they opting for? The more responses the better, so I am going to ask you another favor, please link my question in your journal so that I can target more people! I am hoping to reach a bunch of people from different races/ethnicities, financial backgrounds, upbringings and areas of the country. All your help is VERY appreciated. Cheers to tomorrow's leaders, today's children!

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