Thursday, September 2, 2004

Freak the Mighty

So I am a multitasker. This combined with the fact that I am incredibly busy lately and have been pulling 18 hour days -- I am finding newfound joy in being able to multitask. (thank you years of thankless internships and assistantships at high profile magazines in NYC, for teaching me how to do a thousand things at once and be happy about doing so!) So in my normal multitasking fashion I grabbed a book -- Freak the Mighty -- and ran off to the gym. Hopped on the stairmaster. Set the timer for 45 minutes. Just enough time to get in the burn and complete the last 120 pages of Freak the Mighty before dashing home to shower while simultaneously brushing my teeth and do my hair while eating my lunch. So I'm climbing the endless set of imaginary steps and the end of the book and the end of this workout is in sight, when all of the sudden the most endearing character in the book dies. Which is SO not what I was expecting. I would never bring a book to a gym that may cause me to have any outside viewing emotion attached to it. So here I am with 4 minutes of endless, imaginary stairs left. And I am bawling my eyes out, trying hard to breathe, which is so very hard when you are a.) crying and b.) working out at 75% of your max heart rate. So basically I am a sweating, hyperventilating, crying mess. And since I work at the gym, naturally people start to take notice. "Are you okay" "OMG ARE YOU OKAY?" YES I AM FINE. I AM JUST SWEATING. Nothing to see here move on. What a dork I am. So naturally, I am off to the gym again right now, book in hand. I think this one's a bit safer though...we'll see I guess.

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