Thursday, August 5, 2004


My friend Katie surprised me by coming in to town today for lunch (from Albany). Her sister is a pharma rep and had a meeting here in Syracuse, so she hitched a ride with her to see me. I feel so special. Yay!!! She's an hour or so away so I really, really have to get in the shower, um, now. But I haven't written an email or an LJ posting in over a week because of the move and I just needed to be a nerd again for just a little while.

I have so much to write but no time to do it. Grrr, okay I will update this later...Chris I will call you later tonight!!! I PROMISE.

p.s. I have the wicked wedding bug. I am watching A Wedding Story on TLC like there isn't something better on. Like For Better or For Worse. Joe's best friend just called him with their date yesterday. I am really getting tired of people who have been in relationships for half the time I have beating me to the altar. Ah, well whatever. We don't have the money for a wedding right now and that is the whole point. We want to do it right no budgeting or cutting corners. And I have a little surprise I have been saving up for for my future bridal party that Joe is not privy too, and I can't wait till I have a bridal party so that I can tell them what this cool little surprise is...I am a loser. A loser who is getting into the shower. I am about to propose to myself, ha ha ha. 3 and a half years I have been courting me!

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