Wednesday, July 28, 2004

free at last

Tomorrow is my last day of class, well until classes start again in 3 weeks. I am so excited. After tomorrow there will be no reading. No response papers. No monotonous discussions about subject matter that is not of interest. No hour long commutes through back asswards CNY cities. Nope. Just me. Gold's Gym. And the remote control. I am sure after two days this will all be very very old. But for now I cannot wait. I simply cannot. MUST...FINISH...TOMORROW...

Anyway my final is a project I am doing on The House on Mango Street, which is a series of vignettes that form a book/novel based on Latin American life. It's really good, sad, cute, well written. I really did enjoy it, although by this point in the summer I am really rather uncaring. ANYWAY for my final I compiled a lesson plan on the Elements of Literary Style complete with worksheets and activities, etc. I decided to write up a quiz as well, but I got bored and tired halfway through the quiz (I'm going to make a helluva teacher) so I started surfing the internet, one thing leads to another (this is rather stream of consciousness) and I am suddenly searching on google for quizzes on The House on Mango Street. Yep, I found MANY. And I readapted one and used it as my quiz. It's not plagiarism per se. That is unless my professor notices that all the quotes that I used for the Identification portion of the quiz are the same as the ones off of a random website. So now I am all paranoid about failing because I took quotes from someone else's quiz, that are directly out of the book anyway THEY ARE QUOTES, and reused them. So now I am going to go through the book again, page by page and redo that portion of my quiz, but I am going to be angry about it. Really angry. Disgruntled even. Yup that's me the disgruntled quiz writer. Will tomorrow ever end?

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