Monday, August 9, 2004

complete boredom

So I think the idea of starting a live journal seemed a lot better when I worked in a boring, deadend temp job at SU. But I have since stopped working there and as such I am on the computer next to never. But then I feel guilty cause I started this journal and I should write in it because it's my responsibility (you got to think you got a pet, you got a responsibility...) Yeah so I have guilt that I don't write blankly into the internet. Is there nothing else that I can hold guilt over??? Since I stopped working at Newhouse and now that we are all moved in my life is very very simple. I am only working at the gym on Tuesday mornings for an hour when I teach spin and then I am still tending bar Friday and Saturday nights. Life is simple. I sleep in, eat a lot and go to the gym. Sometimes if I am feeling a little spunky I go tanning. Basically I am f*cking bored to tears. And I hate the View. And TNT plays ER reruns from 10-12 but when I was unemployed a year and a half ago they also played ER rerums from 10-12 on TNT (apparently when the got to the end they started at the beginning again) so I can't even amuse myself with television drama. Thank God Joe is in sales because his days often come with a little break in the middle or end early or whathaveyou (it's a tradeoff for working weekends and such) so he comes home for lunch or we go run errands and that helps keep me from laying in a warm tub with a butter knife. I start working at the Athletic Department at SU next Monday. What will I be doing there you ask??? Good questions, all good questions. I am going to be coordinating all of the community service events for the Athletic Departments Teams EXCLUDING basketball and football who have their own programs in place. Additionally, I will be tutoring men's lacrosse (yes the same team that I made out with on my 21st birthday so that I could manage to do 21 things -- my roommates thought I was too little to do 21 shots so they decided I should kiss 21 boys. It seemed like a good idea at the time, 7 shots in and near death...) To tutor the team I am working study tables from 7-10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday nights. The guys come and sign in and we go over their assingments, they study for exams, read, etc. I am only supposed to be working 20 hours a week there, but my boss told me, with a smile, that the 20 hours is only on paper, that I would be there much, much more. Greeeaaat. Cause we all know how much free time I have.... My boss though is pretty cool. I like him a lot and if I had to spend 20+ hours with someone, he's not a bad choice. Listens to Neil and 38 Special and Fleetwood Mac and has a really dirty sense of humor. We are as thick as thieves already. Although I am sure he is going to kill me when he finds out on Monday that I still haven't registered for classes. Yes, school does start in 3 weeks. By the way I have to go to orientation again. HA! This is Bird Library...This is HGL...Um I know all that skip to the good this is where the serve free coffee in the morning...why can't there be a place like that? Anyway the reason I haven't registered yet is that my admission to the School of Ed was conditional, I needed a B or better in the 12 credits I took this summer to matriculate. So I got a 4.0 (thank you, thank you) but I haven't gotten a paper report card yet from SUNY Oswego, *#$&%^ state schools!!! So I called and they told me I have to **BUY** a transcript, which I keep forgetting to as soon as I do that and drop off all of my records at SU THEN I can register. My schedule is going to be hell I already know it. I am tutoring at a local middle school OKAY I HAVE TO INTERRUPT THIS POSTING TO say we don't have screens on our windows at our new apartment. Joe said he was going to put them up but he hasn't yet, so the BIGGEST Wasp/Bee thing just flew into our office and buzzed me and I just spend the last 1/2 hour chasing him around with the lining of a suitcase until he finally flew out the window. My heart is racing at a million miles an hour... Okay well I am tutoring at a local middle school 3 hours a week and I have to student teach 3 hours a week from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and I am at the athletic department from 1:30-3:30 p.m. every day, in class Monday through Thursday from 4 to 7 and then at the athletic deptartment from 7 to 10 and I am teaching spin twice a week from 12-1 p.m. and I am bartending and I don't know my exact teaching schedule as far as placements yet, but it looks like I am going to be pretty freakin busy. And I am glad a semester only lasts 18 weeks. Anyway our new apartment is BEAUTIFUL (even without screens in the windows) and I love how it turned out. Everything else is stupedous. I am going to go run some errands and get the 'stink' blown off of me as Joe's grandmother so nicely puts it... p.s. We tried to go see that new movie open water last night which was advertised to open (riday) August 6th only to find out (when we got to the theater) that it opened in SELECT cities on the 6th but doesn't open anywhere else until the 20th. What kind of crap is that? Select cities? Grrr.... Oh well if you haven't heard about open water, check it out. It looks awesome!!!

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