Tuesday, August 17, 2004


So I started my new job at the Athletic Department yesterday. What a debacle. I should probably start off by explaining Sunday night first...My girlfriend Paula is moving to Long Island to go to dental school at Stony Brook. We had a going away dinner/party for her. Went to Zebb's ran up a $300+ which is no easy feat there and then went to Ambrosia for drinks. Paula's brothers own Ambrosia and they opened it up special for us and brought in a bartender. Let's just say I got home at 2 a.m. had to be in at 10 a.m. and I threw up about 4 minutes after the alarm went off Monday morning. So I went to work near death. Dry heaving the whole way. Fell, going UP the stairs, while my boss was introducing me around the office and went home and slept for 9 more hours. The last time I drank was in June when I came down to Virginia for a friend's wedding -- yep Chris when we stayed with you! Needless to say maybe I shouldn't have put on a drinking clinic the day before starting a new job... By the way, and this is rather graphic so if you are weak stomached skip this paragraph. Why is it that when you drink you poop your brains out the next day? I must have pooped 9 times from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and I don't generally poop more than two times a week. It's wacky. Same thing happened to Joe from that night...Anyway just curious if anyone else experiences the poops??? Today was much better, I was sober and awake, and not puking. Got a lot done. Got a hair cut, my hair is SHORT, very SHORT and I like it a lot. Think Ashley Judd short. Yup that short. It was really long, but I got tired of it so I walked into a salon in armory and said cut off my hair. And they did. I am so excited tonight is the women's gymnastics tourney on the Olympics, which is my favorite. I like tiny people bouncing around I guess. I don't really understand gymnastics, but I like bouncing. Except when the bounce at the end, when they are finished, because apparently that bounce is bad, which is all I know about gymnastics. That and that gymnasts don't get their periods cause they are too skinny and they have circle the fat days. Like old sororities did in the 80's. Speaking of sororities...I just finished a book called Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins. Excellent, a must read for anyone that was in a sorority. It's a real story about a reporter who went undercover at a midwestern school's greek system. Very honest depiction of sorority life. I didn't realize the experience I had was so generic to all schools...Robbins is the person who wrote about the Skulls society at Ivy League schools (which I plan on reading next) and she also wrote the NYT Bestseller about Quarterlife Crises. (is that how you pluralize Crisis?!?) Anyway good writer. I am reading this book that Steve Masiclat at Newhouse gave me -- How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Very funny. Has a survey at the beginning of the book to tell whether you are part of the right wing conspiracy, here it is... You hear someone talking about "morality" and you no longer instantly assume he must be a sexually repressed religious nut. You're actually relieved that your daughter plays with dolls and your son plays with guns. You sit all the way through Dead Man Walking and at the end you still want the guy to be executed. Christmas season rolls around and it hits you that there may be a religious connection. At your kids' back-to-school night, you are shocked to discover the only dead white male on your tenth-grader's reading list is Oscar Wilde. Much as you'd like to, you can't get yourself to believe that screwing around on one's wife is an addiction. The list goes on but it's a good book. Don't know why I felt it necessary to share all that, but I did and now it is done. I was just playing spades online, which is one of my most favorite things to do and they lady I was playing against started talking about how her mom died yesterday and she was writing all this stuff and I was like, Uh, I just want to play cards. Geez. I was so overwhelmed that I stopped playing after one game. Who wants to hear about that? Why do people tell this stuff to complete strangers, and I feel bad for her, but I just wanted to play cards until Joe got home from work, which still hasn't happened yet, AND I haven't seen or talked to him since 8 a.m. Which is making me wonder where he is by now... Okay I am going to play cards again. Nite all.

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