Monday, August 9, 2004

A few words from me, the sponsor

Let me just start off by saying I hate Verizon. Not just sort of dislike, but LOATHE. I hate them so much in fact that I have contemplated driving my car into the lobby of the Verizon building which is only 3 blocks away from my apartment. We moved into this house August 1st. I had them transfer my phone and DSL service over on July 25th which means I turned my house phone off in the old apartment on July 25 and turned it on in the new apartment July 25th. Which means that 6 days before I ever got here the phone and DSL was switched over. The stupid, useless idiot who makes me appreciate outsourcing to India that processed my service transfer told me it takes ONE WEEK for DSL to catch up/transfer. That would have meant my internet was up and running on August 2nd. On August 6th when I still had no DSL and my computer's internet explorer was crashing on a minute-by-minute basis I called Verizon, who told me that it takes 1 to 2 weeks to transfer the service. Which would have meant that my service began today August 9th. Guess what IT DOESN'T WORK! So I called again, and this time they told me that it takes 1 to 2 weeks MINIMUM. HOW DO WE LET THESE IDIOT COMPANIES BECOME SUCH CONGLOMERATES THAT WE ARE FORCED TO DEAL WITH THEIR INADEQUACY ON A DAILY BASIS??? Needless to say I hate Verizon, and my car is running...

Joe and I rode our new bikes yesterday for the first time. We rode down the Erie Canal Bike Trail/Walking Path from DeWitt to Chittenango and back. 20 whole miles. We are weekend warriors now! We played in Chittenango Creek before turning back around and heading for DeWitt again. I caught and held my first toad! It was cool, not slimy at all. And I saw 2 snakes and a ton of bass, sunfish and carp. Totally fun day, until the stupid movie theater incident. We ended up at Blockbuster and let me just say NOTHING GOOD CAME OUT IN THE LAST YEAR! We ended up renting Final Destination 2 which was totally cheesy and all we did was watch the death scenes in still frame -- how fun are DVD players???

Anyway I am going to head to the gym I just needed to vent about Verizon! @#$%&^%*^&*^&*^

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