Saturday, January 4, 2014

Surviving December

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A good tip for rotating toys in the wake of the holiday aftermath. So doing this.

Listed in the top ten advances in autism research for 2013. I'm okay with clinging to hope.

Because telling people that adding a third child is the end of all things holy is not what they want to hear. And my third kid is kind of amazing. Still hard. I hear having four kids is exponentially easier. You should have a fourth. Let me know how it goes. I'll reevaluate then.

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This nursery, which bears a lot of similarity to another nursery I love, makes me wish the kids each had their own room so I could create the big girl room I had started to plan for Reese. Their uncoordinated nap schedules, which force someone to wake someone else up every day are also making me wish I had created a different floor plan, but I digress.

Finding out Nantucket Coffee Roasters delivers.

2013 was a year that I struggled with the finality of my baby making days. I don't like decisions about my life being out of my hands. This article, which has little to do with my own personal struggle, had this quote which made me feel less alone.

"It still startles me that people make babies with sex. 
Privately. Easily. Fast. 
Then there's a birth, and no one looks back."

Success doesn't mean you ever stop feeling infertile, even when you feel grateful.

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