Thursday, January 23, 2014

Love Letters (Boy Edition)

Tomorrow ends Ryan's first week of school. Each day I've been painstakingly packing his lunches and praying he's eating. Eating is a chore in this house and, unfortunately, I am somewhat limited in what I can send unless I want to drive his teachers completely BSC.

His daily reports have been coming back great and most of his lunch is being eaten. Hallelujah.

On top of the whole, "will he or won't he eat this" nonsense, I have been writing little notes for him each day. Just so he remembers that I'm still here and so that he knows that I am missing him every second of every day. I am not an artist in the least, and after a few days I have exhausted my repertoire of doodles for his lunch box notes. That is to say, I drew a flower, a heart, a sun and a stick figure. And I'm spent.

So tonight I created little love letters to tuck into his lunch box instead. This is much easier than being creative at 11:30 p.m. And the notes are quite cute. I thought some other mommies might be able to benefit from my insanity. Feel free to download a set of love letters and use them with your kiddos. I printed them on cardstock, but you can print them on normal printer paper. Cut along the lines, write a little note, tuck it into your little guy's lunch box and ta-da! Awesomeness.

Enjoy :)

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