Sunday, July 28, 2013

Thank you

Thank you for the emails, text messages, facebook messages, blog comments, silent thoughts and prayers. For even stopping to read this little section of the internet world that is my life. Thank you.

We're in Nantucket this week. I am catching up on work, catching up on life and catching up on rest. My kids are beyond happy. They love the beach. Love. The. Beach. It's in their DNA. This is my favorite place on Earth.  I am thinking about finding permanent shelter with my babies on this island and just not leaving this time. I'm only half kidding.

I've adopted a new mantra for life.

For reals, people. I mean, that's some perspective. I'll let you know if I am on the verge of shaving my head. And you know I will, because I am a chronic oversharer. Thanks for being my virtual BFF. Enjoy your Sunday.

p.s. that print can be found here.

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