Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

After a seven hour car ride, and a stop off at a Best Buy (to pick up a stacking kit for our washer and dryer) and Wegmans (because everyone needs a little Wegmans in their life), we finally arrived "home". The ride wasn't terrible. We timed the first leg up with the twins' naps and the second leg was spent watching Monsters Inc for the four millionth time, followed by Beauty and the Beast.

Poor Ryan nearly had a stroke when we arrived "home" and home was another hotel. He is a creature of habit and the constant displacement is really wreaking havoc on his little soul. I must have gone back into his room and retucked him in fourteen times tonight. At one point all three kids were crying, two had diapers filled with poop, suitcases were everywhere but we couldn't find anything we needed and the twins' pacifiers for bedtime were completely MIA. Joe and I couldn't even make eye contact with one another for fear one of us would start crying too.

In positive, moving in the right direction news our CO was issued today as was the final inspection from the bank, which means we are clear to close. I'm praying that we can close tomorrow afternoon. We'd unload our storage unit and cars tomorrow evening and then meet the movers at the house on Thursday morning. I think the transition to the new house will still be hard on the twins -- though at this point they've spent most of this year at the new house while I met with subcontractors and our builder, so at least it's not entirely unfamiliar. And I'm hoping that the simple things, like their furniture and toys, will soften the blow.

My inlaws were fabulous (as usual) while we shacked up with them over the last week. Shortly before the twins were born my mother in law bought cribs and bedding and converted one of their guest bedrooms into a nursery. I remember being really annoyed at the time. With the impending birth of Lola and some family issues, my mother in law moved into my house for three weeks this year. We really got to know one another and my walls and guard are completely broken down. Not only do I realize how stupid it was for me to be annoyed at her efforts, but I actually really appreciate them.

It was SO nice not to have to pack three pack and plays for the kids. When we go to their house, there is a place for the kids to sleep and over the last year she's stocked up on toys, sippy cups, toddler plates, booster seats. You name it, she's got it on hand. We just show up and run amuck. And, she wakes up with the twins and plays with them and does their morning routine just like we do it, which was a godsend this week as Miss Lola is still crying through most nights and my sanity is already hanging on by a thread.

The kids got their fill of tractor rides with Papa and a very special outing that entailed going to the barn to see (and ride) Papa's horse. Reese and Ryan are currently OBSESSED with farms, farm animals, farm equipment, and Old MacDonald. Actually, obsessed is an understatement. Reese pretty much goes nuts at the sight of a horse - be it on TV or the side of the road (we live in a rural area). And Ryan goes ga-ga over tractors. So our excursion to Western PA was well received, and the trip to the barn knocked their socks off.

Much to my amazement neither kid was afraid of the horse and I was sure Reese was going to end up getting kicked at one point as we tried to hold her back so her brother could ride with Papa. They went crazy over the barn cats too, chasing them shouting "meow! meow! cattttt!" Reese thought the white cats were sheep (seep! seep!) - hysterical. They begged to go back to the barn all weekend, but the weather turned nasty and we didn't make it back there this trip. Next time, for sure.

Grandpa was tickled. He's been joking around about buying the kids ponies since they were conceived, knowing full well I'm terrified of the things and my kids riding them. I keep telling him that I've seen Gone with the Wind and I know how that story ends. But after seeing the joy on their faces (all three of them) I just may cave. The time at the farm was once again a reprieve from all that we had going on back here. As a girl whose never had a place to call home, I'm so thankful for the family that I married into.

Miss Lola is stirring. Who knew there would come a time in my life when I dreaded going to after hours? Off to tend to my peanut. After all, tomorrow is another day.

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