Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Regular Comedians

Toddlerhood has a unique set of challenges with the tantrums and lack of communication skills, but the awesomeness comes in the small moments with your kids wherein you realize how ridiculously, incredibly funny they can be.

Today while we were making dinner the kids were running amuck tearing the house apart and tormenting the dog, who had just gotten her flea and tick medicine and consequently we were trying to keep (her wet medicine covered fur) away from the kids. We kicked Gracie out to the backyard and Reese followed her to the screen screaming Gay-cee! (Gracie) Dah! (dog). When all of the sudden the sounds of Dah! Dah! got much, much quieter.

Her brother closed the door behind her trapping her between the storm door and the back door to our patio. And...he was laughing hysterically over his skillz.

Puff turned around and knocked on the glass as if to say, "hey! let me back in".

So he did what any good brother would do...he banged back on the glass and pointed at her laughing even harder.

He eventually did try to let her back in, but he (thankfully) hasn't mastered the art of opening doors even though he now easily reaches the knobs.

Siblings. Amazing.

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