Friday, April 20, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

We were supposed to have an elective ultrasound to find out numero tres' gender tomorrow, but I had kind of fibbed to the ultrasonographer about how far along I was (saying I was 16 weeks along, when I'm actually only 15). Joe was supposed to be out of town next weekend on business and we didn't want to wait. The closer the date got the more anxious I became; what if we went too early and they guessed wrong?

As luck would have it Joe's meeting was cancelled, so I rescheduled the ultrasound for next weekend. After a long talk with my BFF about my lack of attention to this baby, Joe and I decided to use the gender scan as an opportunity to throw a party. Well, in this case a fiesta.

Coincidentally our ultrasound is a week before Cinco de Mayo, giving me a perfect theme to help celebrate the baby we've monickered numero tres. We have a lot of fun ideas for the party up our sleeves, but mostly we're excited to celebrate this chapter in our lives surrounded by our closest family and friends.

Our invites came in and went out today. They are fabulous.

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