Friday, March 23, 2012

Bump Watch - And I Popped

I was 11w2d when I popped with the twins, so I guess 10w5d with a second pregnancy isn't too far off. Unfortunately I'm bigger with a singleton that I was with twins, but I'm pretty sure that's because the kiddos stretched me out so far. I'm naming the baby for now, temporarily.  Baby #3 = numero tres = Trey. Since Trey is a boy's name I'm calling the baby "he" as a pronoun. However, I would not be the least be surprised to find out that Trey is a girl.

Anyway, back to the baby. Trey is a good baby so far; he hates shrimp (even a picture of a shrimp) and mint, but loves everything else. He doesn't make me sick, not even a little, and I sleep through the night with ease. Even my potty breaks are few and far between.

I get to see him again in 12 days for our NT scan. I'd like for him to stay a little better hidden over these next two weeks until we know he is healthy and happy. But, like his brother and sister, I'm afraid he has a mind of his own already.

Here we are at 10w5d. Apparently coming out of hiding sooner than later.

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