Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Storage and Children

After nearly 14 months of hoarding things, I've started to sort through some of the R's stuff and try to organize it all. Not an easy task. We find out the new baby's gender in 8 weeks (YAY!) and I will be selling all of Reese or Ryan's stuff on the resale blog once we find out. I will post when that goes up. If we're having a boy someone is going to be very lucky. Miss Reese's wardrobe is full of Tea Collection, Gap and Old Navy, with a smattering of Toms and Uggs. Spoiled girl.

Ryan's little man wardrobe is pretty awesome too, now that I think about it. All Old Navy and Gap with some mini Boden, and a smattering of Robeez and Stride Rites. But seriously it is harder to shop for boys. So much less to choose from!

For now I have a box of things that I'm selling for $2 an item and I just posted some of it on the resale blog; most of it is in very good used condition, some of it is brand new. I also posted the last of my boy/girl coordinating sets. I only have a few left and mostly in newborn sizes, which I know are common shower gifts, so if you're interested in any of them feel free to make me an offer. I can't bear to break the sets up. Stupid nostalgia :) I will give a shipping discount if anyone is interested in multiple items.

With the build going on, I'm trying clear stuff out as quickly as possible. I have no idea how we're going to keep this house "show ready". The thought of it is stressing me out like crazy. We've just rented a storage unit and I'm moving things over to it this weekend (hopefully). I think I may ship Gracie to my inlaw's house for "vacation" once we put the house on the market. I can't keep up after a husband, two kids and a freaking dog some days.

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