Friday, February 24, 2012

I have no name for this little one yet

Meet my blob with a head and a heartbeat (of 128!).

{ hanging upside down, already crazy like its brother and sister }

The little bugger is measuring 2 whole days ahead (overachiever, s/he gets that from me). I'm very impressed that the baby has a head. With the twins, my first ultrasound was almost a full week earlier due to a subchorionic hemorrhage, so the twins didn't have heads the first time around. We went straight from blobs to dancing gummy bears. But this little stinker has a head. I told Joe that it's obvious the baby is ours since the head was so big in proportion to its body (the twins both have heads in the 90th percentile).

My next appointment is a final ultrasound with our RE two weeks from today and then I graduate ::::cue pomp and circumstance:::: I already set up my first OB appointment just shy of 10 weeks. I'm super excited because the doctor who is seeing us is the man who delivered my beautiful babies. I adore him and I'm so happy to have our first encounter back in the practice be with him.

We'll be doing the NT scan two weeks after that, so I'll get to see the little monkey two more times over the next 5 weeks. And since there is no way I can wait until we are halfway through this pregnancy to find out what this little mushy is, I scheduled an elective ultrasound on April 28.

Nine weeks to go; stick with me little one. We love you so much already.

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