Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland First Birthday Party!

The kids' birthday party was on Saturday and I have to say it was fantastic. Everything came out great, the food was great, the company was EXCELLENT and everyone had a great time. The babies were so entertained by their party friends, who graciously fed them and played with them. I think it was the first break their daddy and I have had in a long, looooong time!

{ apparently one year old girls stick their tongues out at their mommies! }

{ dessert table }

{ Reese in her party hat }

{ Ryan in his party hat }

{ the straws kept them from crying! }

We sang to Ryan first, since he was Baby A. While we were singing to him, he pinched out his candle. I wasn't expecting that at all. It scared the crap out of him and he ended up crying. Poor bugger.

Then we sang to Reese, who looked mostly confused by all the people singing and taking pictures. 

After three celebrations involving some sort of cake and frosting, it has become apparent to me that my daughter is not much into sweets. She picks through desserts like a little bird.

Ryan on the other hand LOVES frosting. He dives right in. On his birthday he decided to be a big boy and feed himself with a spoon.

Everyone hung out for a bit after the cake cutting and eating, which was wonderful. It was so nice to catch up with so many friends and family. After everyone left the kids opened their presents. They are pros now. Reese knows exactly how to unroll tissue paper and Ryan is quite adept and finding a corner of a package to rip.

{ boy in a bag }

{ a very happy boy and a girl standing ON HER OWN! }

The kids were pooped by bedtime and so were the parents. Our family graciously stayed and helped us pick up and put everything away. The grandparents came over on Sunday for a pancake breakfast and to help us put together all of the kids' toys. We so wish that our parents lived closer, it's bittersweet when they leave. But we had a wonderful weekend and my new "toddlers" are giving me a run for my money these days. I blame the number one. 

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