Friday, January 27, 2012

Snuggle In Tight

My transfer was today, I'm very happy with the outcome. We had ten embryos on day 3. By this morning two had arrested, four were early blasts, two were morulas, one was graded a 4AA and another was graded 4BB.

We transferred the 4AA, this guy right here (I think he looks like Joe).

And we froze the 4BB (also, quite cute in my humble opinion).

Our embryologist will be watching the other six embryos today and tomorrow morning as possibly cryo candidates. Our clinic doesn't freeze anything graded with a C or below. Statistically speaking, with 12 eggs I should have made one, maybe two blasts. The fact that we had one to transfer and one to freeze is perfect. And while I would never wish that the rest arrested, I would be relieved if we didn't have six embryos sitting in a cryo bank.

So now we wait and see. I'll get a call in the morning with our cryo update and my beta is next Saturday. Joe is out of town so I get to take the kids with me to clinic (oy vey) and then to swim class alone. Should be enough of a distraction until the phone rings.

And for those of you that know my reputation with pregnancy tests, yes I'll test early. I plan to POAS today to test out my trigger. With the twins I was trigger negative at 3dp5dt AM and pregnancy positive at 3dp5dt PM (yes, I POAS that often). With the singleton I lost, I didn't get a BFP until 9dp3dt. I'm thinking the earliest I should test is Wednesday? Thoughts from the POAS peanut gallery?

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