Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The kids seem to be getting bigger by the day. They are obsessed with drinking from cups. Especially cups with straws. They will chug water, trade cups and chug some more. 

New favorite past times include trying to break the safety locks off the cabinets, opening doors (or at least attempting to open them), shaking my living room lamps by their bases and climbing the stairs.

{ monkey sasquatch }

Ryan has also decided that he will only eat off of a fork from now on. It's cute beyond cute. He's a very determined little eater. I'm amazed at how he will swipe his fork at his tray pretending to stab food and then move the fork to his mouth. I say pretending because he isn't very good at getting food onto his fork, so much of our meals are spent with me sticking food on his fork and him moving the food to his mouth. He is very good with yogurt and a spoon though :)

Reese is stringing together more and more steps. We got up to seven steps in a row this weekend. Chicken little still won't step out on her own, I'm wondering if she will ever walk unassisted at this point. I imagine her at 14 with me helping her get to her feet and holding her hand. Okay clearly that's a gross exaggeration, but this is a kid I thought would be walking by Halloween...

In addition to baby steps and baby breaking and entering, Reese has started smiling proudly. Except it is the weirdest smiley face you've ever seen. Crooked and full of teeth and a scrunched up face. I've been trying to get it on camera, but she gets all normal when I break out the film. Best I've been able to do is grab this video. You're welcome in advance.

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