Monday, January 23, 2012

Fert Report

Twelve retrieved, ten were able to be injected via ICSI. Of the 10, four were good, two were fair and two were poor. As of my fert report, six had fertilized and possibly another two, but there was something about the way the pronucleus was situated that made it hard to tell if those two were fertilized or if they were crapping out. This is probably my worst retrieval to date. Or at least my worst fert report.

With IVF #1 I had 13 retrieved, 6 mature, 5 fertilized. That cycle I transferred two on day 3 (a grade 4, 8-cell and a grade 3, 8-cell) and I conceived a singleton. I had nothing left to freeze.

With IVF #2 I had 14 retrieved, 13 mature, 12 fertilized. That cycle I transferred three on day 5 (two 2AA's and one 1AB) and have two frosties.

The worst is going through my head. What if none of them make it to day 5? What if we transfer the wrong one? What if my last attempt to conceive ends in a miscarriage again and I have no frosties?

How is it that in both of my fresh cycles I had essentially an 85% fertilization rate, but this cycle almost half of my eggs didn't fertilize? I'm beside myself. And as much as I want to stay positive, it is hard to.

I get my day 3 report on Wednesday. I am refusing a 3DT since we are doing an sET and our clinic's FET rates are so, so low. I figure a 5DT will give me my best chance to pick the best embryo. I know if this doesn't work out that we are already so unbelievably blessed. But I will be sad if this ends badly. I already feel guilty for taking money out of our savings to continue growing our family. And this cycle was hard, hard, hard. To go through all of this for nothing would devastate me.

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