Thursday, January 12, 2012

Banana Pancakes and Snowmen

It's official! We're O-N-E. I can't believe it. And naturally it would snow on their birthday, which makes 100% sense since the night I went into labor and delivery we got our first snowstorm of the winter too (which caused Grandma to sleep overnight in our prelabor room, but that's another blog post altogether).

We started out this morning with separate songs for separate babies and lots of snuggles. Daddy made the kids fresh squeezed OJ and I thought Ryan was going to have a stroke from drinking so hard and so fast through that straw. Every time it was Reese's turn to take a sip he grabbed the cup or ripped the straw out of her mouth. And forget about watching her drink. He was devestated that she was getting his juice. Stinker.

I made the babies banana pancakes and then we strapped on our snowsuits for the first time EVER and hit the yard with Gracie. Naturally the snow boots that I bought Ryan in December no longer fit his fat little feet. Poor kid inherited my Fred Flinstone feet. So he went outside in his Stride Rites. Add to my list of things to do this week "buy Ryan new winter boots".

I thought the kids would lose their minds once we sat them in the snow but they LOVED it. And they loved watching Gracie chase after her ball and roll around like a maniac. Reese kept doing this weird thing that looked like pilates in snow. She was leaning back and lifting her torso and legs in the air (like she was doing the hundred). I don't know if it was a balance thing or what? Joe ended up building her a snow chair.

We rolled a bit, ate some snow, laughed at Grace and built our first snowman. Then it was time for sippies and naps. Reese was hysterical when we took her inside. Munchie wanted to keep playing. And she was extra snuggly while drinking her milk before naptime. I'm so very thankful when they're snuggly, especially her. She's the uncuddliest kid you'll ever meet. Miss independent.

I'm trying to chill today and just take it all in, but we've got some stuff to get done for Saturday. I'm hoping to at least get their dessert table up and running and bake all the cookies for our guest favors and the sweet treats for the table too. Oh, and their cake.

Tonight is their favorite dinner (ravioli, string cheese, and cucumber salad) followed by more birthday songs. And in lieu of our usual dessert (strawberries), two very special babies are getting two very special cupcakes.

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