Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reese and Ryan are Turning One

The first push towards the babies' first birthday celebration has commenced. (Almost) all of the invitations went out yesterday. I have another six or so to deliver. They came out exactly like the picture I had in my head, although the picture I had in my head took two weeks less time to create and cost much, much less. Regardless, I love them and I'm happy to have this project behind me.

Reese and Ryan's birthday theme is Winter Wonderland. I had originally seen "Winter ONEderland" but I felt too silly trying to pull off the play on words. So we'll just go with "winter" as a theme. Joe picked their party colors - red and turquoise - and left me up to my own devices for their party decor and outfits.

I ordered these perfect and ridiculously adorable favor boxes from Etsy seller Simple Tastes. Angilyn was super sweet and wonderful to work with, and the boxes were more apropos than I could have imagined.

The tags were custom made by Etsy seller Pixelimpress. And the snow globes were made by yours truly after spotting this pin on Pinterest. 

The blogger who originally posted the snow globe project must have a wayyyy better cheese grater than I do, because she suggested grating PVC pipe to make snow. After losing two fingernails and nearly losing an actual finger, I abandoned my PVC pipe in favor of coarse glitter. 

The boxes were lined with basic crinkle cut paper that I purchased at Michael's. I used it to create a nest for the snow globes to sit in in order to keep them from rolling around. Since most of our party guests are local friends, I hand delivered the invitations. In total I think we shipped two. I was super paranoid when the post office asked me if our packages contained anything liquid, fragile, hazardous or perishable. Turns out since they're just water, I was allowed to ship them. Whew! I seriously considered lying to the post office guy, but was afraid of getting caught and arrested for some sort of postal perjury. 

I really hope the invitations help set a fun tone for the party and make our guests as excited to come to our party as we are to have them here. A whole year. My goodness. It went in the blink of an eye.

I am *not* a DIY'er. I am *not* naturally crafty. And yet time and time again I take on these crazy projects and then swear under my breath while completing them. Only to finally finish and be so satisfied with the result that I forget that I've sworn never to DIY again. What is that saying again? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Yes. I'm 100% certifiable.

{ all boxed up and ready to go! }

My next big project is the party decorations and the dessert table. I'm still riding off the high from these invites, so I've clearly already forgotten how much I hate DIY'ing things. I'm sure I'll remember when I'm icing cookies and making oreo truffles at 2 a.m. the week before their party. 

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