Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More 9 Month Pics

During the babies' 9 month photo shoot, we also took family pictures for holiday gifts and for our holiday cards. It's funny to look at these now, just two months later, and see how different the kids look.

{ looking at this picture I can actually *hear* his baby belly laugh }

{ this little girl has really started coming into her own lately }

{ Diva pose, I can't stand it. Where do they learn this? }

{ we had some friends join us for our photo shoot }

{ they must get fed often, because they walked right up to us! }

{ these kids make me happier than I ever thought possible }

This last photo is my favorite from the day. It's one of the rare few that I have of me alone with my children. And their little faces are so perfect. Laughing and squirming and trying to get free. All while I sit there with a smile (a real, full-hearted smile) slapped on my face herding my kittens. That's what twin life is like - herding cats - and it's always better to do with a smile on your face. 

I loved these so much that I think I'm going to make a fall photo shoot an annual tradition. It's nice to have us all together in pictures once in a while and they make great grandma gifts :)

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