Friday, August 26, 2011

What a Nailbiter

Seeing your kids hit a milestone is the best thing in the world. However, watching them fall, fail, struggle and scream in frustration while they are developing the skills to achieve that milestone is horrific. I want to show Reese how to crawl. How to move her little hands and feet. How to catch herself when she falls off balance. But all I can do is surround her with pillows and hug her when she gets scared.

This week she figured out how to go from crawling (or at least the crawl position) to sitting. Of course, she had to learn this new trick in the wet, slippery, unchildproofed bathtub. She's now perfected it on dry land and I bought one of these for our tub adventures.

How the kid figured out how to go from pretending to crawl to sitting and skipped over the actual crawling part (for now) is beyond me. I guess we'll be facing another week of watching her scream and flop, since all she wants to do is sit up and show off her new skill right now.

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