Monday, August 22, 2011

Playroom Progress

We're getting close with the playroom, we really are. It's just insane how long everything takes now. Joe's in school full time, we have two kids, life is crazy. It's almost amazing that we get anything done at all.

I spent the last two weeks painting the book racks and mocking up where I wanted them on the wall, and this weekend Joe finished the babies' reading nook for me and it's perfect. (Although now we think we want to add one more rack to the top row on the left. Of course we do.)

We still have to paint the stairs and install the runner, put a second coat on the doors and window casings, get a bunkie board for the daybed and a few more pillows, install the TV and hide the wires and put some art and fun things on the walls for the kids. So yeah, we're kind of, sort of, maybe close?

Inspired by this art from Made By Girl's new shop Cocoa and Hearts, I decided to make my own art for the basement while the babies were napping. 

I had about 15 different paint can samples from things I've done around the house (no joke) so that was free and the canvases cost me $8 for the pair. The whole thing took me less than a full nap (so 90 minutes or so) to do and I love it. Now I just need to find time to hang them.

{ yes, even with art I'm OCD }

The paintings are going to live above the kids' toy shelf, but first we need to find a new home for Ike (the turtle in the tank) and organize the toys so we know how high to hang them.

A sidenote about Ike the turtle: my husband caught Ike from a drainage pond when he was 9 years old. That means we've had Ike for almost two decades. If your child comes home with a "pet" that s/he caught, let them keep it for a night and then tell your kid that the pet's mommy and daddy miss him and want him back home with them and then set that pet free. Otherwise your child's spouse will be stuck housing said pet for the better part of their lifetime. Just sayin'.

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