Thursday, August 18, 2011

Airing on Wednesday

For those of you that asked, it looks like our Today Show segment will air on Wednesday. We filmed this afternoon. Of course, today was bloody hot. Terrible hot. Sweat under your boobs hot. I took that one a little too far, didn't I?

Anyway, my kids were woken from their naps to go and film and we were waiting for over an hour for our part of the interview. By the time they were ready for us, Ryan was having a meltdown. The kid never melts, but today he did. Maybe it was the heat? Maybe it was the fact that he's sprouting four more teeth? Maybe it was because if he heard the wheels on the bus one more time he was going to lose it and then I sang about those wheels going round once more and he'd had enough.

So in our segment my child is wearing a drooly bib, which I forgot to take off of him. And I'm stuffing his little face full of puffs, like any good mother of crying multiples does.

And they had me do a bit of a look away while filming and I felt really stupid doing that, and I probably look even dumber than I felt. I think it's impossible to look pulled together and with it when you are out by yourself with seven month old twins. True story.

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