Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Year Ago...

Today: 14 little eggs were retrieved.

May 4: Of the 14 eggs retrieved, 13 were mature and 12 fertilized.

May 6: my three day embryo report revealed all 12 of my embabies were still going strong

May 8: transfer day for IVF #2.

May 10: Snowbabies! We found out that of the 7 remaining embryos under observation TWO of them were graded high enough to be frozen.

May 11: 3dp5dt = BFP

May 17: Beta #1 = 311!

May 19: Beta #2 = 764

June 4: 1st ultrasound = TWINS! Both babies measured right on track for their gestational age.

It's amazing the changes that a year can bring.

My whole Unexplained IF journey can be found here.

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