Friday, June 4, 2010

1st Ultrasound

It's TWINS! Joe and I are over the moon excited.

Baby A and Baby B were both measuring exactly the same and were perfect for 6w, 4d. Baby A's heartbeat was 124 and Baby B's heartbeat was 118, both right on track for just under 7 weeks!

Next ultrasound is Friday June 18, and then we have our last ultrasound with our RE on Friday July 2, followed (directly after) by our first OB visit with our obstetrician. I can't believe I am four weeks from graduating!

I had them test my P4 today to see if I can switch from Endometrin (vaginal suppository taken 3x a day. Very messy. Feels like wet, cold tile grout in your undies) to Prometrium (oral pill taken 2x a day). I will know the results of that tomorrow. 

Hopefully I won't be wearing a maxi pad with wings to the beach this summer. 

Thank you to everyone that has been praying for us. Please keep praying! We have a few more (actually 6 1/2 more!) weeks before we are in the clear. Hopefully the news just keeps getting better!

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