Sunday, May 1, 2011

Surviving April

1. Koala Baby Sheet Savers

Okay, this photo doesn't really do these things justice. They are basically terry pads that tie to the sides of the crib and the are super absorbent. I'm short, and changing a crib sheet is freaking hard. Especially with all of the untying of bumpers and maneuvering around mobiles. There's a lot of heavy lifting and grunting involved. 

I found these things by accident in BRU a few months ago and they are a total lifesaver. I bought four of them at $7 a pop, and I change them out every day. Now I only have to change the crib sheets once a month or when we have a bottom end blowout. With two reflux babies who spit up 24/7, these things are an amazing sanity saver.

2. Baby Einstein (aka Baby Crack)

My cousin had copied a bunch of Baby Einstein DVD's for me when I was pregnant. I said thank you and put them in my basement with the rest of our baby stuff that I couldn't use yet. Recently, on a trip down there to retrieve paper towels, I knocked over the stack of DVD's and thought "What the heck, let's try one of these..."

*cue the angels singing*

I managed to have 30 minutes of hands free, no parent required entertainment for my kids. That means not only did I get to eat lunch without holding a child, but I actually got to eat lunch. Hallelujah! And I totally don't feel bad putting them in front of Baby Einstein for 30 minutes. It's classical music and colorful pictures. Pretty innocuous. Our favorites are Baby Mozart, Baby Beethoven and (my personal favorite) Baby Bach.

The needle finally crept past 40 degrees. In Upstate NY that means get a pedicure and break out the flip flops. And so I did. I had been holding onto a pair of gold flip flops from Guess that were seven years old (yes, gross, I know) but I could never find a pair to replace them. And, seriously, I looked. I found these online, took a chance and ta-da. Cute, comfortable and $12.50. Need I say more?

4. Amazon Prime

Unfortunately for Joe and fortunately for me, I've discovered the ease of shopping with this button. It's dangerous. It makes shopping way too easy. Shopping like I did in the old days - i.e. spring's hottest nail polish color - and shopping for my new life, I'm talking diapers, nipples, wipes. Almost everything available on Amazon is Prime eligible and it's seriously how I've survived my first three months of parenthood, when getting out the door with two kids in the winter hasn't always been possible.

My weekday purchases have all arrived the next day, and I've gotten two day shipping for weekend orders. Between this little button and Amazon Mom coupon codes, my life is so much easier than it could have been. Seriously, how did people survive before the internet?

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