Friday, April 29, 2011

15 weeks old

My little monkeys are 15 weeks old already. The both smile so much and laugh like crazy. I can't figure out what makes them laugh still, so it's a riot when all the sudden they break out in a giggle fit. Of course we spend the next 20 minutes trying to recreate the giggles to no avail.

Both babies have fully discovered their hands. Ryan usually has his in his mouth. There's a lot of gnawing, thumb sucking and fist in mouth action happening there. I'm thinking there is some teething going on behind all that hand munching. Miss Reese likes to clench her little hand in a fist and hold it out in front of her. In addition to discovering how to use her hands, she has also discovered how to shriek LOUDLY. Most days are spent with her fist in the air while she screams at said fist. My favorite is when she does this at 6:30 a.m. Damn near gives me a heart attack.

They look very similar in size, but picking up Reese is like lifting a bag of feathers and picking up Ryan is like picking up a bag of rocks. I'm interested to see their weights at their 4 month well baby.

Fishook! They grab onto each other A TON now and will reach for one another if they are in proximity. It's not unusual to find Ryan sucking on Reese's thumb or vice versa. During tummy time I have to be extra careful because Reese has an affinity for grabbing onto Ryan's ears. It's ridiculously cute, but I'm so nervous she's going to rip his ear right off one day. Holy hell that kid has a grip!

And of course, no photo session is complete without a tandem meltdown at the end. Even when they're melting I think they're ridiculously cute. (Which is a good thing because tandem meltdowns are a daily ritual in our house.)

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