Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Big Kid Toys

Reese has been eager to stand on her own two feet these days (literally). The kid loves to stand and practice walk. Her little legs can hold up her own body weight, all we have to do is hold her little body upright to keep her from toppling over.

Suffice it to say, toys that require sitting or laying are just not her cup of tea. So on a whim we broke out the jumperoo over the weekend. Now I should remind you that my kids are tiny. I mean really tiny. They are almost 12 weeks old and Reese is just clearing 9 pounds, Ryan is almost 11 pounds. Yeah, that tiny. So the jumperoo was massive in comparison to them and they were completely swallowed up by the thing.

{ I seriously love her little feet just dangling there }

I stuffed the seat basin with blankets so they wouldn't wobble and we helped them "reach the ground" by placing a pillow under their feet. 

Ryan, who loves to kick his feet when he's playing or while he's in the bathtub, really got the hang of bouncing to make himself move. Or at least he did a lot of inadvertent bouncing.

Reese, however, was quite content to just stand there unassisted. She didn't try to bounce at all. In fact, she tried to walk, but (clearly) didn't get far.

Joe even tried to show her how to bounce by supporting her feet and lifting her little legs. She was amused by his antics, but when he removed his hand, she just stood there. 

For now she's happy to just stand "like a big girl" and I guess the rest will come in good time. She absolutely adores all of the songs that the jumperoo plays and sings. When I sing along to Old MacDonald or the ABC's her whole face lights up and she's all smiles. 

Man, I can't wait until these kids can laugh. They're getting so big and changing so fast now, but I'm not minding as much anymore. I miss my teeny, tiny babies, but the people they are turning into are so cool that I'm loving every day with them. 

What I'm not loving is the plastic jungle my house has turned into! Two swings, two bouncy chairs, two bumbos, an activity mat and now the jumperoo - all in my living room. I probably stub my toe on something once every hour. Our basement renovation cannot come soon enough. I'm ready to move the jungle downstairs, like yesterday. And the worse part is, now that I've seen them in the jumperoo, I'm dying to break out the exersaucer too. 

Thank goodness we're out of places to put things...for now.

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