Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Soups

The only words I mispronounced as a child were bathing suit. I thought my mom was saying "baby soup" and so that's what they've been called ever since. In anticipation of the summer, our upcoming trip to Wilmington Beach and our annual trip to Nantucket, I bought the kids their first baby soups.

Reese had a ball trying hers on, she was kicking and laughing the whole time.

Ryan didn't enjoy the experience quite as much.

I got the kids one suit each for the beginning of the summer, and two suits for the end of the summer. They're so adorable in their baby soups, I kind of don't want them to wear anything else.

Once Victoria Pool finally opens in July we'll head up to the pool a few times a week and splash around. I found these cute little shaded floats for the kids. Now all I need is for some of my teacher friends to want to hang out and play in the pool with us (hint, hint)! 

I'm also on the hunt for "swim lessons" that happen in the late afternoon/early evening. Something Joe and I can take the kids to together to spend some time splashing around as a family. If bath time is any indication, swimming is going to be a huge hit.

One thing I can't figure out is what to do about diapers. I'm not down for a code brown at the public pool. I saw Pampers Swimmers in BRU this weekend, but the smallest sizes started at 16 pounds. If you take your little people in the water, what do you put on their tiny tushies?

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