Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Operation Twin Skin Week 2

Two weeks in I'm 32 pounds down (15 to go). I no longer fit in my maternity jeans, but my hips are too wide to fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I can get them up but they are nowhere near close to buttoning. I went shopping yesterday for a pair of jeans to bridge the gap between knocked up and messed up and was shocked to be a size 8. Prior to the twins I wore a size 0/2. Humbling to say the least.

I also tried on shirts, but my boobs are ginormous and my ribs are wider which makes sense, but is something I never considered. Anywho, I decided to hold off on tops for now since everything just looked weird. Maybe by the spring I'll either fit into my pre-pregnancy shirts or I'll look less rectangular in new shirts. Or maybe I'll just go topless!

{ click to enlarge either of the pictures }

Key for those of you who are still pregnant and reading - get a Gap card. GapMaternity is AMAZING and you accrue points towards future purchases. My fatgirlslim jeans yesterday only cost me $18 because I had a $40 store credit. So even though my ego was a bit bruised, my wallet was not.

{ Here's what the belly looks like all Cinched up }

p.s. I'm wearing the Bravado Essential Nursing Tank and I'm in love with it. I don't need a separate bra and it works as both jammies or under a cardigan or sweater if we're out running errands. Plus it allows me to nurse in public without baring my belly (although I also use a Bebe au Lait cover).

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