Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tummy Time

The twins are two weeks old now! Time sure does fly. The babies are way more alert and even spend some time awake after feedings. It's funny, when Reese was born she was so alert. Even three days postpartum, I was shocked at how much she had her eyes open. When her head crowned they turned her and Joe said to me she's looking right at me! Then she shut her eyes and kept them closed for over a week (or that's the way it seems). Ryan on the other hand had his eyes closed the entire first week of his life, and now he's just absorbing the world around him. Sometimes I swaddle him and put him in his pack n play and feel bad because he's so alert but mommy needs sleep! I often wonder what it is that's going on in his active little brain.

Both babies lost their umbilical cords this week, a gross but interesting thing. As a result I got to live out a dream of mine and bathe with my babes. It was awesome to have them splayed on my belly and hold them on the outside, the same way I held them when they were inside. I love mommyhood. I really do.

Now that the babies are getting past their super sleepy stage we've been practicing wake time activities. On their two week birthday, we tried out tummy time. They haven't quite mastered tummy time and Reese isn't really sure she likes even being on the ground. Practice makes perfect though!

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