Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Before and After: Keeping it Real

Before (looking at this picture, I could really use a drink) 

7 weeks (up 7 pounds, thought I looked so BIG *sigh*)

33+ weeks (up 39 pounds so far, I feel like hell and I'm 
terrified of what growing two babies to term will do to me.)

And just to keep it really REAL

Before - please take note of the obliques and the six pack. 
I will probably never see them again. 

What having twins, stretch marks, PUPPPS living inside your stretch marks, a uterus that is measuring 41 weeks and an extra 39 pounds really looks like. Enjoy.

Note: the stretchies themselves are actually white, the red you see is my lovely itchy PUPPPS rash which, sadly, has greatly improved since I started taking dandelion root extract pills. Strangely those pills helped the redness, but not the itchiness. I'm praying that SOMETHING helps the itchiness soon.

My babies will be full-term in 26 days. They are currently gaining 8-10 oz per week, I'm currently gaining 1.5-2 pounds per week. Great for them, not so great for mommy. We have two snowbabies that we will go back for when the twins are a little older, so until I'm done being pregnant permanently, this is my body. 

I feel destroyed and while I'm so glad to be a mommy, I'm so sad about the way I look and the way I feel about myself. 

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