Tuesday, December 7, 2010

33 weeks

I can't believe how far we've come. We're seeing the OB weekly now for fluid checks and fetal non-stress tests (NST). The twins are doing awesome. I thought they'd be here soon, but judging by this week's appointment they are staying put for at least two more weeks.

Baby B (girl) is 4.5 lbs and Baby A (boy) is 4.75 lbs. Both are practicing breathing and swallowing and they do.not.stop.moving. They kicked their fetal monitors off nearly a dozen times today, drove the poor nurses crazy.

Our daughter showed us her little face for the first time today (we haven't seen her since week 15). We are in love, so, so in love.

{ our son is on the left and our daughter is on the right }

I have to get Joe to take a new belly picture of me soon. I'm measuring a full 40 weeks now and feeling every inch of it. So far I think I've had it pretty easy with this pregnancy all things considered, but I'm ready to be un-pregnant again.

So far I'm up about 37 pounds. My skin broke halfway through last week into gorgeous stretch marks, although I can't tell how bad they are because I also developed PUPPPS which is a rash that actually lives inside the stretch mark. Lovely. So I'm red and welty all over my belly, but before the PUPPPS breakout the stretch marks were mostly white and shiny.

PUPPPS might be the worst thing I've ever had, worse than the chickenpox. I spend the majority of the day alternating between sitting in the bath and putting ice packs directly on my skin. Scratching spreads the rash, so I'm like a 4 year old with chickenpox. And unfortunately PUPPPS doesn't go away with delivering the babies either. It can take up to two weeks postpartum for your skin to heal. Other than that I'm holding up! Great blood pressure, I can still wear my wedding rings and I have minimal swelling (and mostly just at night).

We have two more weeks until we reach our goal of 5+ pound babies. I know they need to cook as long as possible, but I hope they're here for Christmas. The house is decorated and waiting for them!

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