Monday, December 13, 2010

34 Weeks

I had my 34 week OB visit today. I woke up all excited because I thought I was contracting. When I got to the doctors office they hooked me up to a monitor that checks on the babies activity levels and their corresponding heart rates (for those of you in the pregnancy know, I had an NST) and they hooked me up to a contraction monitor too. I had ONE contraction in 35 minutes.

My silly babies kicked the monitors off a million times, they kicked the nurses holding the monitors and made the whole stress test last way longer than it needed to.

My blood pressure is great, my swelling is normal, I have no protein in my urine. Nothing. I'm 100% healthy and so are they (thankfully). We've determined that they're never coming out. I'm going to be pregnant forever.

When I hit 37 weeks my doctor will "talk about" doing an induction after week 38. So....I'm probably going to have them in mid-January.

I'm super excited about full term, healthy babies. But oh my goodness, I really can't even imagine being pregnant for another month. The babies are gaining a half pound each week, so if they stick in there another month we're looking at another 4 pounds of baby. If you have an idea of where I can fit four more pounds of baby, I'm all ears. Right now they cumulatively weigh over ten pounds...

Next appointment is Thursday (I'll be 35 weeks, 3 days). I'm thinking I should just return their Christmas outfits at this point, they're definitely not going to be here in time for Christmas (probably because I made sure to get their stockings and put up a tree :)).

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