Monday, November 29, 2010

Surviving November

1. I was one step away from a ped-egg this month (gross). I think from all of the fluid and swelling that this stage of pregnancy has provided my feet have paid the price. The husband has been generous with the foot rubs and the lotion, but I actually saw my heels (and this was the day AFTER a pedicure) and I freaked. In came bliss to the rescue. Bliss makes some of my favorite all-time products. And while their stuff is pricey, it lasts and lasts and is worth every red cent.

Power up your pedi is a gift pack with bliss' peppermint foot patrol and gel activated "softening socks". You're only supposed to don the socks for 20 minutes, but I leave them on until my feet start to tingle. I figure when my feet are looking scary, every second counts. 

2. My husband. What a trooper this guy has been. Seriously. 

I couldn't have survived this long without him. He does dishes, laundry, vacuums, plays with the dog, keeps the fridge stocked and even brings coupons with him to the grocery store. He hugs me when I'm feeling grody and he holds me tight and cheers me on when I think I can't possibly be *this* pregnant for another second. He's generous with the foot rubs and the back rubs, really if it needs rubbing, he's your guy. And generally speaking, he's my best friend. It doesn't hurt that he's also easy on the eyes. Love you stink. Thanks for everything.

3. Lipton Green Tea with Honey. 

Obsessed. All of the sudden I can't drink coffee and I'm obsessed with tea, go figure. Add more honey and guess what? It just gets better. Yum. 

4. Train

My days consist of waking up, eating, doing a household chore, then taking a nap. While I'm doing my chores I listen to my iPod and Train is on constant repeat. We saw them in concert twice this year and it solidified their standing in my heart as my all-time favorite band. There are a few more shows this December near us, but unfortunately they are all sold out. It would make a great story if I could go into labor while being serenaded by Pat Monahan though. It would be even better if he just happened to be singing Mississippi when this all shook down...sigh. 

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